Sunday, June 7, 2009

self publishing dilemma

Saw this article recently about why we should embrace self publishing. It makes an interesting point that book publishing is now at the same place as the music industry was when the technology became available for independent musicians to produce and duplicate their own CDs on computer.

It is a mere pimple on the bum of the big producers - they could care less if an individual makes a few records to sell to their friends, likewise the publishers. It will not eat into their market at all, really.

Now there are free downloads of software on which you can format and publish your own book, either on line with a site like, or, where you can order as few as one copy of your book.

No matter how schmick your self published book-shaped-object is, it is still the content that counts. What the big houses have that the self publisher doesn't is backup - editors, publicists, warehouses and distribution. Before you press your own print button - make sure that your content is of as high a quality as you can achieve.

Good luck with it.

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