The publishing industry has changed dramatically since I first entered it in the mid nineties. These days, with so many literate, well educated people hoping to make it into print, there is a hell of a lot more competition out there than ever before. Australian author Frank Moorhouse refers to it as a log jam of manuscripts bobbing about with no where to go.

But for every writer who wants to write a book for public consumption, there is one who writes for the sheer pleasure of gathering thoughts, or telling their own story to their family. The craft of writing is as pleasing and self-fulfilling as throwing a pot, painting or planting a garden. And like any art, it takes guidance and practice. 

I cater to both the aspiring professional and the writer who wants nothing more than to master their craft with one-on-one personal tuition, either face to face or by Skype or email. If you belong a writing group, you can pool resources and choose from a range of group workshops. For the accomplished writer, I offer mentorship.

You are a writer. You've been to all the writer's workshops, you've done the hard bum-numbing yards and finally, you have written your story and done your best to polish it to a final draft. You've sent it to readers, and they've all said they love it, but they are your friends and relations and you don't know if they are telling you the truth. 

Before you commit to a manuscript assessment, pitching to an agent or sending it off into the dark recesses of a publisher's slush pile, or simply want to make sure your writing is as well crafted as possible so that you can confidently self publish for a private audience, I can help.

I will read your work and design a learning experience tailored to your needs to give you the tools to
  • edit yourself for that final polish, 
  • look for and repair structural problems,
  • more effectively practice your craft  
  • confidently sell your manuscript knowing your writing is as polished as possible
MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT will give a detailed analysis of what issues need to be addressed to improve your craft; observations about how you handle voice, characterisation, plot, pace, syntax etc, and an analysis of the work's deeper structure. It will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your writing and provide you with insight and pathways for development.

Mentoring is only offered to accomplished manuscripts or graduate writing students. The one-on-one mentoring process is intense, and I only take on one or two students at a time for this reason. It can be done at a distance by email or phone, or in person if you are local to the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

If you decide to take up the invitation, your TUITION fee will be deducted from the cost of the mentoring course. You will receive two more close readings with comments, a study pack and assistance with development of a synopsis.


Your writing group can band together to design its own program from the current range of WORKSHOPS. 4xhalf-day or 2 x day workshops over one weekend, or 2 x half day or 1 x day on any day of your choice.


Need to 'unpack' a poem? Brush up for an exam or write that scary Shakespeare essay? I am a trained and experienced Secondary English teacher with BA Hons in English Literature.