Workshop 1: Life Writing
This is an all day, half day or personal workshop that looks at the art of writing memoir. The workshop explores techniques for writing your own story. It gets you writing, offering informed feedback and guidance. Whether your story is about place, collective memory or the story of your own life and times for your grandchildren, this workshop will set you on your journey. A practical workshop for anyone serious about writing their life or those looking for a way to begin.

Workshop 2: The Business of Publishing
A full day,  half day or personal workshop covering the business and practicalities of being a writer. It will cover the intricacies of the publishing process, following the path of a manuscript through a publishing house, the role of the agent, the work of the manuscript assessor and the editor, the bookseller and the librarian. Learn how to apply for funding for your writing project, how to pitch your story to the market place, how to find resources, and gain feedback about the commercial potential of your work.
 Annette Hughes unpacks her toolkit of insider knowledge for emerging writers and those who are just plain curious. This workshop is only suitable for personal tuition if your work is very close to being ready for pitching in to the marketplace.
Workshop 3: Reading for Creative Writing
An all day, half day or personal workshop for creative writers. Reading quality writing by the best in the business is one of the most effective ways to develop your craft. This workshop will focus on the written word, and what can be gleaned from the work of some of Australia's best writers. Learn how to unpick a text, analyse it and harvest it for style, technique and how to apply both macro and micro critical reading to your own work, looking at structure, tense, plot, narrative voice, pace, character and dialogue.

Workshop 4: The Nuts and Bolts of Creative Writing
This whole day or half day or personal workshop is designed to build skills in polishing and preparation of your writing. Bring a sample of your own work (or work on a piece of supplied draft writing) and be guided through the process of applying an editorial scalpel to it. Discover what editors look for, what to cut, how to mould your writing into the most economical and pleasing form to keep your reader hooked, and to tell your story in the most elegant way possible. Lots of hands on exercises.